The Epic Story - Only If

An epic tale of jealousy, love and revenge.

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Ariana R.Cherry: Author & Artist

Ariana R. Cherry was born in Mattoon, Illinois in 1981. She grew up in Arcola and graduated high school in 1999. Ariana then attended Lake Land Community College in Mattoon, graduating in 2002. She earned a certificate as a Computer Applications Specialist and wrote for the college newspaper. 

Ariana has had a love of writing ever since she was a child. She spent time writing short stories and reading them to her classmates. Ariana took a love in poetry between the ages of 11 and 12, and it has carried on ever since. Some of her favorite poets and greatest inspirations are Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Shel Silverstein and Emily Dickinson. 

Some of her collections of poems include: 
- "The Real Me-Xtended," 
- "Through Her Eyes,"
- "Divine Poetry for a Spiritual Mind" 
- "Twisted Paths of Poetry." 

Ariana also illustrated a children's book titled, "Bullying Ben." 

Ariana also has a love for art as she creates her own unique abstract designs, cartoon illustrations and handmade jewelry. She also spends time by taking photographs of nature such as sunsets, sunrises, clouds and the change of season. Ariana published a collection of her photographs titled, "Clouds of Mind- Life's Natural Beauty." 

When not writing poetry, she is a reporter for an area newspaper, "The Sullivan News Progress," and works as an Administrative Aide at the Arthur United Methodist Church.

You can read more of Ariana's poetry and stay updated with her latest books and news at:

Bring Back the Night: Poetry Video/Spoken Word

There’s a lonely place that many do not visit
Down in the depths where the moon is black
and the stars are unplugged…

Read the words to this poem at:

A spoken word/video poetry piece read by the author, 
Ariana R. Cherry.